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6. Make public

Going public or publishing your work in the discovery science framework is much the same as in traditional scientific methods. However, there is one clear difference; the Discovery Science framework provides a transparent template for reporting how discoveries are actually made. Currently, the nuts and bolts of how scientists actually do the business of discovery is opaque at best, and hidden at worst. This makes the job of funding agencies, evaluating science proposals  more difficult, as the only way to try and predict future discoveries is look at discoveries in the past. Basing the potential for discovery on past achievements disadvantages young scientists and students. Using the discovery science framework scientists can openly discuss the different MVEs they tested and how a new method was developed or a pivot to an accidental discovery was made. This unprecedented level of transparency has the potential to speed up scientific progress in general, by openly communicating each stage of the process to peers and students who can follow along and even emulate all the steps that produced the final discovery.